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Professional technical translation services

Technical translation involves scientific or technical documents using specialized terminology. As technologies in technical fields are constantly changing, it is extremely important to work with certified translators who provide high-quality translation. Our team of translators, with extensive experience in a wide range of technical fields, knows and understands the industry-specific terminology in both the source and target languages.

Technical translations have a specific character, which is why our translators/linguists can provide you with accurate descriptions of technological processes, can deliver accurate translations of specific terms and follow the presentation style appropriate to the profile of each project. We handle both large and small projects or urgent projects with short deadlines.

Using our services guarantees that the translated material will perfectly replicate the original documents, such as user manuals, product presentations, instructions for use, etc. In addition, we also ensure the confidentiality of the translated document.

Translation of technical handbooks

marine equipment, industrial or production machinery, automotive industry, Oil & Gas, etc.

Translations for international organizations

tender books, tender documentation, audit reports, technical briefs

Website translation

technical websites, presentation websites, online stores


Subtitling and transcription services

video subtitling, audio transcription

Medical translations

veterinary medicine, neurosurgery, biotechnology


Translations in the Educational field

certificates, diplomas, book reviews, academic documentation

Frequently asked questions

How much do your services cost?

Prices vary depending on the specifics of each document.

Ask for a quote

What does the translated document look like?

Each translated document will match the form of the original document by using SDL Trados CAT Tool, no matter the format of your document.

Why work with us?

We have been specializing in technical translations for 10 years. We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in multiple technical fields and the ability to translate into a variety of languages, who will ensure that your project is translated with state-of-the-art terminology, respecting stylistic and structural quality and delivering in the shortest possible time.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer full translation and localization services for all types of content. For more information, see our Services page.

Do you ensure confidentiality?

Whatever document you submit, we ensure, under Agreement, the confidentiality of the information received and translated.

Linguists specialized in the field of your business

We are a team of certified translators with over 10 years of experience, specialized in various technical fields.

Translation services for any industry

Every industry has its own terminology. The translations we deliver respect technical terminologies and specific language, addressing a certain target group.

Translations provided by professionals are always more accurate

We capture the particularities of every language and technical field thanks to the expertise of our translators.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting includes conferences, chuchotage, and consecutive interpreting – translations in Court, Police, etc.

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