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Authorized Translations

We are here to provide you with high quality certified translation services in Constanța and the surrounding area. With a team of licensed professional translators, we are dedicated to helping you translate your official documents accurately and efficiently.

What does authorized translation mean?

Certified translation is a process by which a legally authorized translator translates official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, contracts and others. These translations have legal value and are recognized by local and international authorities.

Why choose our certified translation services?
  1. Vast experience: Our team of certified translators has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your documents are translated correctly and in compliance with local and international laws.
  2. Speed and efficiency: We understand how important your time is and strive to deliver your translations as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.
  3. Privacy: We respect the confidentiality of your documents and assure you that all information is treated with the utmost care.
Frequent questions

Question: What is a certified translator and how does it differ from an ordinary translator?
Answer: A certified translator is a professional who has obtained an official accreditation or authorization from a government authority to translate and authenticate official documents. This means that his translations are recognized by courts, government institutions and other legal entities. An ordinary translator does not have this official authorization and can translate documents, but his translations are not considered authentic for legal purposes.

Question: How can a certified translator authenticate a translation?
Answer: A certified translator authenticates a translation by attaching an official stamp to the translated document and by providing a written statement attesting that the translation is true and correct to the original document. This process gives the translation authenticity and makes it valid for use in courts of law, official records and other legal purposes.

Question: When do I need to hire a certified translator?
Answer: A licensed translator is necessary when you need translations of official documents, such as civil status documents, property deeds, powers of attorney, legal contracts or other documents recognized by government authorities. These certified translations are essential to ensure that documents are accepted and recognized by courts, immigration agencies, educational institutions and other official entities.

Why do I need an authorized translator?

Having a certified translator is important in a number of situations, as these professionals are legally authorized to perform translations that have official and legal value in front of government authorities and institutions. Here are some reasons why you might need a certified translator:

  1. Official Documents: If you have official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, school or academic diplomas, divorce certificates, immigration documents or other legal documents, you may need to have them translated into another language in order to present them to the authorities in - another country or to use them for legal purposes in another jurisdiction.
  2. Immigration: For immigration processes, it is often necessary to provide certified translations of personal documents such as passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates or other documents requested by the immigration authorities of the country to which you wish to immigrate.
  3. International Business and Contracts: In business, certified translations may be required for contracts, agreements or other legal documents when doing business with international partners or when conducting business transactions in countries with different languages.
  4. Education and Recognition of Diplomas: If you intend to study abroad or have your degrees and qualifications recognized in another country, you will need certified translations of your academic documents.
  5. Legal Processes: In legal proceedings, documents presented in court, such as contracts, testimony or official documents, may require certified translations to be accepted by the court.
  6. Medicine: For medical treatments abroad, authorized translation of medical records or other medical documents may be required.

A licensed translator has solid knowledge of working languages and domain-specific terminology to produce accurate translations that comply with local laws and requirements. Choosing a certified translator is important to ensure that your translations are recognized and accepted for official and legal purposes.

An authorized translator in Constanta is a qualified professional who has the right to translate official documents and authenticate them with his official stamp. These translators are accredited by the Ministry of Justice or other competent authorities and have specific linguistic and technical skills to translate legal documents, civil status documents, contracts, powers of attorney or other types of documents that require an official translation. Authorized translators in Constanta are essential for individuals or businesses that need documents translated for legal or administrative purposes, ensuring that their translations comply with legal standards and that the documents can be accepted by the authorities without problems. These professionals are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and accuracy of the documents they translate, providing reliable services for their clients.